If you truly believed you were remarkable what would you do? How would you change your life? How would you change your families’ lives? How would you change the world?

Let’s find out.

The Remarkable You is a comprehensive program that helps free women from the shame and lies that keep them from living their audacious lives. The program includes:

  • Advanced Paint Your Story workshops
  • Skills, talents, and behavior assessments
  • Future vision-casting workshops
  • Mentoring and Strategic partnerships to support dream development
  • Accountability groups
In addition, everyone who progresses through the program will be required to make a commitment to giving back to the community either through time, talents, or finances.

Live a vibrant, joyful, daring life.

Are you looking to be a part of a community of people that walk by faith and not by sight? Do you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you? Connect with us to begin your journey to living a vibrant, joyful, daring life.