A common thread throughout the Audacious Faith programs is the fact that we share many of the same innate desires, fears, and doubts. They may just be expressed differently from culture to culture. Often these emotions seem to be in conflict with one another, but in reality, they are part of the complexities of being human.

I am Every Woman is a spoken-word video that will launch a global movement. In the video, women from around the world will take turns reciting one of these commonalities. For example:

I am stronger than I ever imagined I’d have to be,
But sometimes I just want to be vulnerable and have someone take care of me.
I am Every Woman.

The video is the catalyst for a movement, facilitated by social and other viral media. One hundred percent of the profits from this program will be invested into communities through micro-financing.

Live a vibrant, joyful, daring life.

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