The Audacity Center will be a place of authentic community. A building where everyone is welcome.

The building itself will have two distinct components:

  • First, the major part of the building will be dedicated to creativity. The Paint Your Story workshops will be held here as will the seminars, workshops, and retreats for The Remarkable You program. The space will also be available to community partners for use/rental when not in use by an Audacious Faith program.

    This is also where the Audacious Faith staff will be located.

  • Secondly, a portion of the building will be dedicated to a buy-one-give-one coffee shop. Here, anyone, and everyone, is welcome to come and enjoy a comfortable chair and a cup of coffee. For those who can afford it, they will buy two cups: one for themselves, one for the person who cannot afford that luxury. Conversation, laughter, and relationships will be strongly encouraged.

The Audacity Center will be a community effort with plans to involve local youth organizations in painting the outside of the structure with an abstract mural.

Live a vibrant, joyful, daring life.

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